Val de Ebo - Cat 2 / 8km / 6%
Fantastic climb, on the CV-712 south of Pego. Quiet road, fun switchbacks and breathtaking views.

Puerto de Confrides (from Benilloba) - Cat 2 / 9km / 5%
Western and steeper climb to the summit of Puerto de Confrides. Last 1.5km are above 7%!

Maigmo (from Moralet) - Cat 2 / 8.5km / 4%
The less popular climb towards Sierra Maigmo along the service round of A-7

Llacuna (from Villalonga) - Cat 2 / 9km / 6%
From Villalonga, head south towards the hamlet of Llacuna. Max gradient 15%

Alto de les Xemeneies - Cat 2 / 5.2km / 10%
Also known as Guixop and Torres del Maigmo, this is an epic climb with a brutal average gradient and sections above 20%

Category 3 Climbs
Puerto de Tudons (from Penaguila) - Cat 3 / 6.7km / 4%
On the CV-785 heading south, really fun climb with switchbacks and some steep sections.  
Coll de Rates (from Bolulla) - Cat 3 / 15.3km / 3%
The less popular, but much longer ascent of Coll de Rates. Definitely worth a go      
Guadalest - Cat 3 / 6.3km / 4%
A climb with many steep bends and switchbacks and impossible to find a nice rhythm
onPuerto Benifallim - Cat 3 / 5km / 5%
A short climb on the CV-780, heading south after the village of Benifallim                            
Cova del Canelobre - Cat 3 / 3km / 7%
Short and steep climb up CV-776 all the way to the entrance of the Canelobre Caves            
La Fustera - Cat 3 / 4km / 5%
A climb in a beautiful villa area, close to the beach. The road heads north-west towards the CV-7471

Alto de Finestrat (from Puerta de Hierro) - Cat 3 / 3.7km / 5%
The harder and more popular climb up Alto de Finestrat. Gradients above 10%                                                                                                                   
Maigmo (from Agost) - Cat 3 / 8km / 4%
On the CV-827 leaving Agost and heading north towards La Sierra del Maigmo                                                                                                                            
Alto de Tibi - Cat 3 / 5km / 5%
On the CV-810, leaving Tibi and heading east towards Xixona. Tough little climb with constantly changing gradient
Montgo - Cat 3 / 3.3km / 5%
The northern ascent of Montgo from Denia, direction Javea, on the CV-7361 
Puerto de la Carrasqueta (North) - Cat 3 / 5.2km / 5%
The northern, alternative route up Puerto de la Carrasqueta. Half the length of the more popular southern approach but just as steep
Puerto de Confrides (from Guadalest) - Cat 3 / 13.7km / 3%
The eastern, long ascent of Puerto de Confrides, with an easy start and challenging last few kilometers at 6%

Category 1 Climbs
Puerto de Tudons (from Sella) - Cat 1 Climb / 15.3km / 5%
Heading north on the CV-770, this is the most difficult and the most popular ascent of Puerto de Tudons.

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Category 2 Climbs
Puerto de Tudons (from Relleu) - Cat 2 / 14.5km / 4%
Alternative climb to Puerto de Tudons from the south on the CV-778, slightly easier than the climb via Sella, but equally long.                                                                  
Puerto de Tudons (from Alcoleja) - Cat 2 / 7.3km / 5%
The northern Puerto de Tudons climb, half the length of the southern climbs but still challenging and fun.

Northern Costa Blanca climbs categories

Category 4 Climbs
Relleu - Cat 4 / 13.6km / 3%
Long and steady climb on the CV-770 from Villajosa up to Relleu
Alto de Finestrat - Cat 4 / 3.2km / 2%
The western ascent of Alto de Finestrat from the village of Finestrat on the CV-758
Montgo (from Javea) - Cat 4 / 2.2km / 6%
The southern climb of Montgo from Javea, direction Denia, on the CV-7362

Alto de Torremanzanas - Cat 2 / 8km / 5%
On the CV-782 heading west, typical Costa Blanca climb, with a tough 10% section in the middle
Puerto de la Carrasqueta - Cat 2 Climb / 11km / 5%
One of Costa Blanca’s emblematic cycling climbs, on the CV-800 north of Xixona. Hairpins & long straight sections
Coll de Rates (from Parcent) - Cat 2 / 6.5km / 5%
Hands down Costa Blanca’s most famous climb. Twisting and turning road snaking up the mountain

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